A Screamin' Micro Dart (also known as a Whistling Micro Dart) is a type of Nerf dart and ammunition.


The Screamin' Micro Dart was released in the same color scheme as the then-current color scheme of Micro Dart; red with a black tip. The dart features a foam body and a tip very similar to the later Whistler Dart and Sonic Micro Dart.


They were introduced in 1999 and were originally sold packaged with the FastBlast as one of the two new ammunition types introduced in the Airjet Power Plus line, alongside the larger Screamin' Mega Dart. They were sold in refill packages which, however, are not available today.

They were replaced in 2003 by the Sonic Micro Dart, which featured similar but swapped colors.

Later on, the Whistler Dart was released with a similar color scheme to this dart.

Refill sizes

Screamin' Micro Dart refill packs can be purchased in the following sizes:

Size Price
ScreaminMicroDart update 10 ?
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