For the X-Shot blaster of the same name, see Scope (blaster).


The tactical scope, an example of a scope.

A scope is a tactical rail or accessory rail accessory that is advertised to help users improve their accuracy.


Despite the function of a scope being to improve one's accuracy, scopes are often not accurate by themselves; this is usually due to their positioning on the blaster.

Unlike their real world counterparts, most scopes do not feature magnification; with the exception of the Day/Night Zoom Scope, none of the scopes have any sort of magnifying abilities. Many features small plastic inserts with crosshairs printed onto them that act as if they would function as lenses, although these do not serve any purpose other than for aesthetics.


Tactical rail scopes

Name Year
Longshotscope Longshot scope 2006
Tacticalscope Tactical scope 2008
ShotBlastScope Shot Blast scope 2010
Centerfirescope Centerfire Tech Electronic Scope 2011
NinjaCommandoBlasterScope Ninja Commando Blaster scope 2012
Modulscope2 Distance Scope 2015
TargetingScope Targeting Scope 2015
NERF MODULUS DAY NIGHT ZOOM SCOPE Accessory Day/Night Zoom Scope 2017
DreadboltScope Dreadbolt scope 2017
5B759979-E715-455C-AAD1-39FAEDD10EFC Long Barrel Scope 2017
Shortbarrelscope Short Barrel Scope 2017
HoldoutScope Holdout scope 2018
ScravengerScope Scravenger scope 2018

Other scopes

Name Year Compatibility
Sawtooth scope Sawtooth scope and barrel extension 1995 Sawtooth

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