Not to be confused with the Lanard Scatter Blast.

The Scatter Blast is a Nerf Super Soaker that was released in 2011 under the 2011 series.


The Scatter Blast is a pump-action water soaker that does not feature a trigger. There is a small piece of plastic near the middle of the soaker's nozzle that can be flipped up to be used as an aiming device. The Scatter Blast features a tactical rail on the top of the soaker. The Scatter Blast's refill cap is on the rear of the soaker.

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A slightly redesigned model has been released in 2013 alongside the newer models of Super Soakers. This remodel saw the removal of the tactical rail.

The remodel was re-released in 2014 under the Nerf Super Soaker series, with a number of new color schemes.

Color schemes

The Scatter Blast has been released with the following color schemes:

Blaster sets

Two Scatter Blast soakers are included in the Scatter Blast 2-Pack.


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