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The Sawtooth scope and barrel extension is a dual-purpose Nerf scope and barrel extension accessory that was released in 1995 under the Max Force series.

It comes packaged with the Sawtooth.


The scope/barrel extension comes in a navy blue and orange color scheme. The design of the scope resembles a Sawtooth, in that the side of the accessory features a jagged cut-out, similar to sharp teeth.

When used as a scope, it is attached via a rail guide similar to that of the modern tactical rail located on top of the blaster. Strangely, the scope is blocked by the clip when the blaster is completely unloaded, rendering the scope useless after the first few shots.


It was the first Nerf scope/barrel extension to ever be released. Even though this old accessory was only satisfactory, it may have provided the basis for modern tactical rail blasters.

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