Always in Play.
— Sakar International's current motto

Sakar International is an electronics company that was formed in 1977. They have a partnership with Hasbro to create third-party products and accessories for their Nerf brand.

List of Sakar International products


Name Year
AlarmClockRadio Alarm Clock Radio 2013
Elite Walkie Talkies Walkie Talkie 2013
N-Strike USB Flash Drive USB Flash Drive 2014
10Mile1 FRS Walkie Talkie 2015
Camcorder HD Action Camcorder 2015
NightTalkies Night Talkie 2015
Night Vision Binoculars blue Nightvision Binoculars 2015
Night Vision Camcorder blue Night Vision Camcorder 2015
AerialDroneNew Aerial Drone 2016
Nerf earbuds 2 Earbuds ?

N-Strike Modulus

Name Year
Moulus walkie talkies Walkie Talkie 2016


Name Year
UltimateSpyWatch Ultimate Spy Watch 2014
10Mile2 FRS Walkie Talkie 2015
Rebelle camcorder alt HD Action Camcorder 2015
171060807999 Bracelet Walkie Talkie ?


Name Year
Rival walkie talkie FRS Walkie Talkie 2017


Name Year
Nerf digital camera 00415c69 Digital Camera 2011
Earbuds2 Earbuds 2011
NightVision Night Vision Binoculars 2011
Camcorder1 Night Vision Camcorder 2011
Nerfflashdrive USB Flash Drive 2011
8611254691123024 Walkie Talkie 2011
HelmetCamStock Helmet Cam 2013
Recon Drone Recon Drone 2015
Nerf drone 2 Streaming Video Drone 2015
PTRU1-11153470dt Digital MP3 Player ?
2012-07-30-19.36.43 Flash Light ?

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