Ruff Stuff Air Blasters is a series of Buzz Bee dart blasters that was first released in 2003.



Ruff Stuff Air Blasters was the first series that Buzz Bee Toys produced toy blasters under, from 2003 until 2007, with some carryover to 2008. Many of these blasters were released under the Air Zone label as well.

The Air Blasters series acts as a successor to this series; many blasters within the Ruff Stuff Air Blasters series were re-released under the Air Blasters series with no changes.

Interestingly, in a select few countries in the world such as Finland, this series was active up until 2012.



Note: Due to lack of available information, some products released during 2003 and 2004 are grouped together, as official release years are unknown.

Name Year
BattleSnakeBallShooter Battle Snake Ball Blaster 2003/2004
BuzzBeeDiskShooter Disk Shooter 2003/2004
LightningStrikeBallBlaster Lightning Strike Ball Blaster 2003/2004
LightningStrikeDartBlaster Lightning Strike Dart Blaster 2003/2004
LightningStrikeDiskShooter Lightning Strike Disk Shooter 2003/2004
Unknown Master Blaster 2003/2004
MicroMissile Micro Missile 2003/2004
MicroMissileShooterBox Micro Missile Shooter 2003/2004
Unknown Pocket Blaster 2003/2004
Slinger Slinger 2003/2004
RSABBallBlastzooka Ball Blastzooka 2003
TekTen target Tek Ten 2003
Unknown Tek Six 2004
DoubleShot-blue Double Shot 2005
LaserTek Laser Tek 2005
MechBallBlaster blaster Mech Ball Blaster 2005
Mech6 Mech Six 2005
Mech3 blaster Mech Three 2005
RapidFireTek RSAB Rapid Fire Tek 2005
SingleTek Single Tek 2005
TekSix-1 Tek Six 2005
TransformingTek Transforming Tek 2005
TripleMech Triple Mech 2005
TekTen ABbox Tek Ten 2006
BlowBlaster Blow Dart Shooter 2007
Buzzbeebigblast Big Blast 2007
ClipTekGray Clip Tek 2007
MechTommy20 RSAB Mech Tommy 20 2007
Mustang6 Mustang 6 2007
PirateFlintlock Pirates Flintlock 2007
PowerBow RSAB Power Bow 2007
RSABAutomatic20 Automatic Tommy 20 2008
MegaMissile BB Mega Missile 2008
Thunderbolt Thunderbolt 2008
Tommy12 Tommy 12 2008
RSABBeltBlaster Belt Blaster
(Finland exclusive)
RSABTek3 Tek 3
(Finland exclusive)
RSABSnipeBlast Ultimate Snipe Blast
(Finland exclusive)
RSABDoubleShot Double Shot
(Finland exclusive)
(Finland exclusive)
RSABCougar Cougar
(Finland exclusive)
RSABOverlord Overlord
(Finland exclusive)

Blaster sets

Name Year
Unknown Pocket Blaster Twin Pak 2003/2004
Unknown Master Blaster Combo Pak 2003/2004
TwinTek Twin Tek 2003/2004
TwinTek4 Twin Tek 4 2005


Name Year
Unknown 6 Ball Refill Pack 2003/2004
Unknown 16 Dart Refill Pack 2003/2004
Unknown Sticky Dart Refill Pack 2003/2004
Unknown 20 Foam Disk Refill Pack 2003/2004
Shell6Pack 8 Dart/6 Shell Refill 2005


Pop Shots

Main article: Pop Shots

Two small, squeeze-to-fire blasters were released under the Pop Shots sub-series. One fired missiles, while the other fired darts.

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