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The Roundhouse XX-1500 is a Nerf blaster that was released in March of 2020 under the RIVAL series.

It comes packaged with fifteen High-Impact Rounds and instructions.


The Roundhouse features five integrated magazines and a rotating turret where High-Impact Rounds can be loaded. The turret functions very much like the Artemis XVII-3000's, as the loading port itself can be slid in order to access it.

On top of the Roundhouse are two tactical rails, one towards the front of the blaster, and the other on the priming handle located on the back.

Just above the Roundhouse's firing trigger is a safety switch, which can be turned on and off in order to prevent the Roundhouse to be fired.

Official description


The Roundhouse was originally leaked online in August 2019, along with the Talon and Knockout XX-100. Later on late November of the same year, its official price was leaked, alongside that of several other blasters.


  • The blaster may have been named after the roundhouse kick, since newer RIVAL releases such as the Knockout XX-100 and Takedown XX-800 are named after fighting-related terms.
  • Much like the Takedown XX-800, this blaster was only released under Team Red. This may have been done to balance the pool of blasters of both teams with one another.


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