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Roblox is a Hasbro-owned brand of Nerf products, based on the popular video game of the same name.


The Roblox Nerf blasters are all based on weapons found in several games on the platform; these include Jailbreak, Adopt Me!, Strucid, Phantom Forces, MadCity, Arsenal, and Murder Mystery 2. Included with Roblox-Nerf products are codes for exclusive in-game items.


News of Roblox-branded Nerf products were leaked in February of 2021 under codenames. They were officially revealed and announced on April 13, 2021.[1]

Roblox products


Name Year
Adopt Me Bees.jpg Bees 2021
Strucid Boom Strike.jpg Boom Strike 2021
PF Boxy Buster.jpg Boxy Buster 2021
MadCity Plasma Ray.jpg Plasma Ray 2021
Arsenal Pulse Laser.jpg Pulse Laser 2021
MM2 Shark Seeker.jpg Shark Seeker 2021

Blaster sets

Name Year
Armorybox.png Armory 2021


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