The Ricochet is a Nerf blaster that was released in 2014 under the Zombie Strike series.

It comes packaged with two XLR Discs.


The Ricochet features the typical Zombie Strike colors as its color scheme; brown, green and orange. There is an iron sight on the top of the blaster, as well as a guide on the priming slide. Due to its size, the Ricochet does not feature a tactical rail.


The Ricochet was first revealed at the 2013 Toy Fair along with the entire 2014 Zombie Strike line.

Reloading and firing

To load the Ricochet, insert an XLR Disc into the muzzle and pull back the slide.

Pull the trigger to fire. Move the slide forward again before reloading.

The blaster requires a disc to be inserted to prime it; otherwise, the slide is locked in place. While the blaster is primed, the slide cannot be moved forward again without firing first.


  • The Ricochet, alongside the Ripshot, is the first muzzle-loading Vortex blaster, and the smallest XLR Disc blaster released.
  • The Ricochet is comparable as a "Vortex Jolt", due to size and purpose.



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