Nerf maverick

The Maverick REV-6, an example of a revolver.

A revolver (abbreviated as REV with N-Strike number codes), also known as a rotating cylinder (abbreviated with RC with Alpha Strike number codes) blaster, is a type of Nerf blaster that features a revolving cylinder.


Revolvers are a popular style of blaster due to a typically low purchase cost, as well as ease of modification. Revolvers are also frequently dual-wieldable, bypassing some usual problems with priming and reloading. Several models of revolver, such as the Strongarm, are slam fire capable.

While the original REV blasters were reverse plunger models, modern revolvers are more commonly designed with either a direct plungerflywheel system, or string-based priming mechanism. Revolvers are reloaded in one of two ways; direct chamber loading from the front with rotation of the cylinder to expose each chamber, or drop-cylinder models which allow the barrel to swing to the side and provide simultaneous access to all chambers.

Electronic revolver

Main article: Electronic revolver

Electronic revolvers are revolver-style blasters that are powered by flywheels. They feature a pusher mechanism to push darts out of the chambers and into the flywheels.


The main advantage of revolvers is that they are able to accept more types of darts than Clip system blasters. Revolvers are also easier to reload, and reloading in a nerf war is less risky as a result, because they can be fired faster. Revolvers are generally smaller than most types of Nerf blasters, which can make them good sidearms. They also jam less than a clip system blaster.


Revolvers lack customization that clip system blasters have, such as compatibility with barrel extensions and shoulder stocks. The only revolver blasters that can be attached with a barrel extension and shoulder stock are the Spectre REV-5 and the Commander RD-6. Revolvers are usually lower capacity than clip system blasters, which makes them only good for sidearms.

List of Nerf revolvers

"REV" blasters

Name Year
Firefly REV-8 Firefly REV-8 2005
Nerf maverick Maverick REV-6 2005
Spectre REV-5 Spectre REV-5 2010
Spectre REV-5 NSE Spectre REV-5 2013

"RC" blasters

Name Year
Cobra Cobra RC-6 2019
Unknown Mako RC-6 2020

Other revolvers

Name Year
Furyfire Furyfire 2009
Hammershot Hammershot 2013
Strongarm Strongarm 2013
Wildshot Sweet Revenge 2013
Nerf Rebelle Spylight blaster Spylight 2014
CycloneShock CycloneShock 2015
Doominator Doominator 2015
FlipFury FlipFury 2015
Lawbringer Lawbringer 2015
Allegiantsixshot Allegiant Six-Shot Blaster 2016
Flipside Flipside 2016
LongarmHD Longarm 2016
Alphahawk AlphaHawk 2017
Disruptor Disruptor 2017
Negotiator Negotiator 2017
5F12083B600341A88B25801003DC423C Captain Phasma Blaster 2017
Be52ee02-128d-48af-a984-fe40d843b575 1.90ee49c25fd1c6bf65122a87761ed774 Scout MKII 2018
SithTrooper Sith Trooper Blaster 2019
1508D731-523C-4453-803D-758076484532 Hammerstorm 2020
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