For information on the blaster's standard features, see Retaliator.

The Elite XD Retaliator is a re-release of the N-Strike Elite Retaliator that was released in 2014 under the N-Strike Elite series.

It comes packaged with a barrel extension, a detachable shoulder stock, an Assault Grip, a twelve dart clip, twelve Elite Darts, and instructions.


As its name suggests, the Elite XD Retaliator features improved "Elite XD" internals, which supposedly boosts its firing power. It advertises a firing range of up to ninety feet in the US (compared to the original Elite version's seventy-five feet), or twenty-seven meters in Europe (compared to the original Elite version's twenty meters).

Despite this, and like other re-released Elite XD blasters, it features the same performance as its original counterpart.

Official description


In 2018, the Elite XD Retaliator was re-released with an opaque twelve dart clip.

Color schemes

The Elite XD Retaliator has been released in the following color schemes:

  • Elite XD (blue, white, black, gray, and orange)
  • Elite XD running change "economy" variant (same plastic colors as the standard version, but sporting considerably fewer paint operations)


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