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The Renegade Double Barrel is a Dart Zone blaster that was released in 2016.

Two come packaged in the Quad 4-Pack.


The Renegade Double Barrel is a pump-action, double-barreled blaster that features a break-away loading chamber, similar to Nerf blasters such as the Barrel Break IX-2 and the SledgeFire. A hammer lever on the back releases the front half of the blaster, which ratchets down for darts to be loaded into, while the front pump is what primes it. Despite being a double-barreled blaster, it only fires one dart at a time. Included in the Quad 4-Pack is a dart storage accessory, which can be attached to the Renegade for quick reloading access.

It advertises a firing range of up to eighty feet (twenty-four meters).

Color schemes

The Renegade Double Barrel has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Blue, green, black, and orange
  • Blue, yellow, black, and orange