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Remix is a sub-series of Nerf Rebelle dart blasters that was released in 2015.

In the United States and the United Kingdom, it is a Toys "R" Us exclusive.[citation needed]


Blasters released under the Remix sub-series have small pegboard-like holes built into their shells. This allows users to customize their blaster with peg charms called "Glitzbits" that are included with each product. This concept is very similar in nature to the Charmed line that was released around the same time.

Just like the 2014 Super Stripes Collection sub-series, only one of the three blasters - the Duet - is actually unique; the other two are re-released variants of pre-existing Rebelle blasters.


The Remix line was first discovered on store shelves sometime in August of 2015. The series had no official launch or announcement from Hasbro and did not make any appearance at toy fairs or other conventions, merely launching on the Toys "R" Us website on August 20th, 2015.[1]

Remix products


Duet.jpg Duet 2015
Improv.jpg Improv 2015
TrueLegacyBow.jpg True Legacy Bow 2015


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