Not to be confused with the 2015 N-Strike Modulus Red Dot Sight.

The Red Dot Sight is a Nerf RIVAL tactical rail accessory. It is powered by two "AAA" batteries.


The Red Dot Sight is similar to the pinpoint sight, except that the red dot in the lens is adjustable, the red dot is brighter, the sight is longer, and it is designed to fit on a RIVAL tactical rail.

The red dot sight utilizes a dim laser module, while the lens is at an angle. This allows the use of the pinpoint sight without demonstrating to opponents what they are aiming at as the laser does not pass through. By adjusting the red dot sight, it can potentially be more or less accurate depending on the situation.


  • The winch-like mechanism used when attaching the sight to the blaster is meant to work like a real firearm with a picatinny rail or weaver rail. It clamps on to the rail when deployed; when undeployed, the clamp releases.
  • The Nerf RIVAL version of the Red Dot Sight does not feature the same collimating optics found on real electronic firearm sights of the same style. In layman's terms, this means the dot does not focus downrange and appear to paint the target, like a laser would. In practice, any barrel deflection from center causes the Red Dot Sight to deflect proportionally less, resulting in inaccurate sighting. A real red dot sight still requires the firearm or blaster to still be sighted competently to be seen downrange, while the Nerf version is only as effective as a single iron sight post at the short focal length of the sight, or mathematically speaking, the distance from the eye to the reflector plus the reflector to the LED.
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