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The Recon and Retaliator barrel extensions are medium-sized Nerf barrel extensions that were released in 2008 and 2012 under the N-Strike and N-Strike Elite series respectively.

It comes packaged with the Recon CS-6 and the Retaliator. The Retaliator version also comes packaged with the Stryfe CS-18 Mission Kit. Both variants cannot be purchased separately.


The extension has two tactical rails: one on the top and one on the bottom. These allow for more useful attachments to be placed on the barrel extension. A flip-up sight or scope can be attached to the upper rail. Other accessories, such as the Dual-Mode Light Beam, Assault Grip, or Pop-Out Bipod, can be attached to the bottom rail. On the top end of the barrel there is a piece of plastic that flips up and down to work as a sight.

It is recommended to attach aiming accessories to the upper rail of the barrel extension rather than the priming slide of the blaster as any accessory attached to the slide gets in the ways of reloading the blaster.

The Recon barrel extension will wobble slightly on the Recon CS-6. Ways of countering this include using the Stampede ECS's Pop-Out Bipod or by holding the clip-load area to steady the blaster.

The inside of the Retaliator barrel extension has a clockwise rifling. Despite the rifling, darts do not spin when they are fired. However, there is some evidence that this type of rifling gives a greater increase in accuracy over the Recon barrel.[citation needed]

Color schemes

The Recon and Retaliator barrel extension has been released in the following color schemes:


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