Rebelle is a discontinued series of Nerf dart blasters and Super Soakers that was originally released in fall of 2013.


The Rebelle series featured blasters with a more feminine design that are marketed towards a female audience. Unlike the N-Strike Elite series, which feature realistic, tactical blasters, Rebelle features sleeker blasters, similar to that of the 2011 Dart Tag lineup. Rebelle blasters feature firing ranges that match those of the N-Strike Elite series.


Like N-Strike Elite, Rebelle blaster performance varies depending on country in order to comply with some countries' safety standards. Blasters with a performance difference have a firing range of up to twenty meters and feature a gray firing trigger rather than a pink one.


The Rebelle series was announced at the 2013 New York Toy Fair. In 2014, Super Soakers were added to the series.

In 2018, the series dwindled down into an unofficial close.[citation needed]

Rebelle products


Name Year
RebelleCB Guardian Crossbow 2013
Nerf rebelle heartbreaker bow Heartbreaker Bow 2013
Nerf rebelle pink crush 2 Pink Crush 2013
Powerbelle 500X500 Powerbelle 2013
Sneakattacker Sneak Attacker 2013
Wildshot Sweet Revenge 2013
RebelleJolt Jolt 2014
StarShotblaster Star Shot 2014
CornerSight CornerSight 2016
EpicActionBow Epic Action Bow 2016
Flipside Flipside 2016
Lumanate Lumanate 2016
Nerf rebelle platinum bow 0 Platinum Bow 2016
SweetDestiny Sweet Destiny 2016
Trilogy Trilogy 2016
Wingspeed Wingspeed 2016

Product sets

Name Year
Rebelle stealth2pack Power Pair 2013
Nerf Rebelle wildshot Sweet Revenge Kit 2013
Knockoutgallerypackaging Knock Out Gallery 2014
Starshotpackaging Star Shot Set 2014
GuardianCrossbowTargetSet Guardian Crossbow Target Set ?


Name Year
CollectibleDart12 Collectible Dart Refill 2013
DartDivaBag Dart Diva Bag & Belt 2013
RebelleiOSmount Mission Central App Rail Mount 2013
Target-cans-24 Target Can 2013
RebelleVisionGear Vision Gear 2013
UltimateSpyWatch Ultimate Spy Watch 2014
WristQuiver-box Wrist Quiver 2014
171060807999 Bracelet Walkie Talkie ?
Rebelle camcorder variant Action Cam ?
51zs6PUwoCL. SX300 QL70 Messenger Bag ?
RavenheartBandolier-box Ravenheart Bandolier Pack ?

Super Soakers

Name Year
BlueCrush Blue Crush 2014
DolphinaBow Dolphina Bow 2014
MiniMissionPurple Mini Mission 2014
Cascade Cascade 2015
TriThreat Tri Threat 2015
WaveWarrior Wave Warrior 2015
InfinityRush Infinity Rush 2017
Secret Soak Secret Soak 2017
TidalTwist Tidal Twist 2017


AccuStrike Series

Main article: AccuStrike Series

The AccuStrike Series is part of the Rebelle, N-Strike Elite, and N-Strike Mega series. The blasters under this sub-series are packaged with spiral headed darts that are designed to be more accurate.


Main article: Charmed

The Charmed sub-series features blasters packaged with charm bracelets and charm accessories. The series itself has a medieval-meets-steampunk theme.

Code Red Collection

Main article: Code Red Collection

The Code Red Collection sub-series features re-released blasters with a new red and white color scheme. Like the Secrets & Spies sub-series, the Code Red Collection features hidden messages on darts and the blasters themselves that can be decoded with a transparent red message decoder.


Main article: Remix

The Remix sub-series features re-released blasters with pegholes built into the blaster shell, which can be customized with included peg charms called "glitzbits".

Secrets & Spies

Main article: Secrets & Spies

The Secrets & Spies sub-series features blasters and products with a spy theme to them. Message Darts can have hidden messages written on them, which can only be read with the use of a transparent red message decoder.

Super Stripes Collection

Main article: Super Stripes Collection

The Super Stripes Collection sub-series features blasters with a zebra-stripe pattern on their shells.


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