This is an article about the original Atom Blasters Reactor. For other uses, see Reactor.

The Reactor is a Nerf ball blaster that was released in 2003 under the Atom Blasters series.

It comes packaged with four Ballistic Balls.


The Reactor is a HAMP-style blaster with no trigger. It can hold up to six balls at once in its transparent “launch tube”, despite only coming with four. It has a single strap point above the muzzle, which can act as an iron sight.

Official description


The Reactor is a re-release of the 2002 Air Tech Air Tech Ball Blaster. It would go on to be re-released twice, both times with the same name.

The same year the Reactor was released, other brands would follow suit with similar style ball blasters. This included the Lanard Cosmic Thruster and the Buzz Bee Ball Blastzooka.


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