The Reactor is a Nerf ball blaster that was released in 2003 under the Atom Blasters series.

It comes packaged with four Ballistic Balls.


The Reactor has a single strap point on the front of the blaster. It can hold up to six Ballistic Balls, despite only coming with four. The "launch tube", as it is titled on the back of the box, contains a long spring to keep Ballistic Balls inside the blaster. It is also transparent as a way to be able to tell how many balls are within the blaster. The grip on the handle is slightly indented where the Nerf logo can be seen.

Oddly enough, the Action Blasters version apparently shoots farther than all other versions, despite being older.[citation needed]

The Reactor is the only Ball Blasters blaster to have a different handle; both other blasters within the series use a similarly-designed blaster.

Official description


The first blaster with a design similar to the Reactor was the Ball Blaster. This blaster shares many traits with the blaster.

The Reactor is a re-released of the 2002 Air Tech Air Tech Ball Blaster. This blaster spawned a series of very similar ball blasters from other brands that all functioned very similar to the Reactor including the Cosmic Thruster from Lanard and the Ball Blastzooka from Buzz Bee.

During 2004, a version of the blaster was released using the Atom Blasters color scheme the previous year was released under the Action Blasters line.

In December 2006, it was re-released with a new color scheme into the Ball Blasters line alongside the Buzzsaw.[1]

Color schemes

The Reactor was released in the following color schemes:


ReactorBox Nerf-reactor-ball-blaster ReactorBox2003
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