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Rayven CS-18
Elite Rayven
Blaster feaures
Compatible ammunition Elite Darts
(+ variants)
Mode of fire Semi-automatic
Stock firing capacity 18 (clip) Stock storage capacity Clip
Tactical/accessory rails 2 Clip/magazine compatibility
Barrel extension compatibility Detachable shoulder stock compatibility
  • Integrated carry handle
  • Integrated shoulder stock
  • Three strap points
Blaster internals
Required batteries 4 "AA" batteries Firing internals Flywheel system
Air restrictors N/A Stock spring weight N/A
Blaster performance
Average feet per second
Average Unknown Maximum Unknown
Average firing range
Flat 50 - 60 feet[1]
15.2 - 18.2 meters
Angled 75 feet[citation needed]
22.8 meters
Average rate of fire
Recommended Unknown Maximum 3-4 darts per second


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