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This is an article about the N-Strike Elite Rayven CS-18. For other uses, see Rayven.

The Rayven CS-18 is a clip system Nerf blaster that was released in 2013 under the N-Strike Elite series. It requires four "AA" batteries to be operated.

It comes packaged with a Firefly Tech clip and eighteen Glow-In-The-Dark Darts.


The Rayven is a medium-sized bullpup blaster that has been updated from its original counterpart to feature long-distance performance. It is much stronger and louder than the original.

It features two tactical rails: one on top of the blaster's integrated carrying handle and the other on the right side of the blaster. It is compatible with barrel extensions, despite not being packaged with one. The blaster also features four attachment points for a sling or a Bandolier Strap: two above the muzzle and one each at the upper and lower corners of the rear stock.

Official description


The Rayven was first discovered on the back of a Glow-In-The-Dark Elite Dart package, alongside the Stryfe and Retaliator.

It is the direct successor of the N-Strike Rayven CS-18.

Another re-release of the blaster was released in 2013, called the Rayven Stinger.

In 2017, the RayvenFire was introduced as a direct successor to the Rayven CS-18.


  • The Rayven CS-18 is the third Nerf blaster to have a bullpup design, with the first being the Firefly REV-8, and the second being the N-Strike Rayven CS-18.
  • If one were to load the darts in a clip for the Rayven backwards (opposite of what the clip says), it would fire with the same velocity as if the dart were pointing in the right direction without modification of the blaster. This practice is arguably good for quicker clip refills, but promotes laziness and decreases accuracy.
  • It may be slightly difficult to remove the Recon or Retaliator barrel extension from the Rayven.
  • Due to the shape and size of the blaster, the Rayven CS-18 can easily be dual-wielded. However, dual-reloading in combat could be difficult without practice and attached slings.