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The RaptorStrike is a Nerf blaster that was released in August of 2017[2] under the AccuStrike Series.

It comes packaged with a bipod, two six dart clips, eighteen AccuStrike Darts, and instructions.


The RaptorStrike is a bolt-action clip system blaster. It features an integrated shoulder stock and flip-up sight. There is a tactical rail at the bottom of the barrel to attach the included bipod. Interestingly, there is no top rail on the blaster that one would expect on a sniper-like blaster; instead, its place is taken by the aforementioned flip-up sight. The stock has the ability to hold another clip, similar to the N-Strike Longshot CS-6 and Longstrike CS-6. The two clips that come with the blaster can hold six darts and have a half-clear design with an angled base unique to the RaptorStrike.[1] Its clip release trigger is in front of the firing trigger, similar to the N-Strike Modulus Regulator.

The blaster's bolts come detached, for packaging purposes, and must be assembled for use.

The Grip Blaster has compatibility issues with the RaptorStrike. When it is equipped, curved and/or other clips cannot be inserted. When it is primed, the RaptorStrike becomes restricted to using only smaller-sized clips.

There are two different versions of the RaptorStrike: one that has a indentation in the shell behind the bolt, which has a button in the middle of it, and one without. The one with the indentation can be seen in stock images of the value pack.

Official description


The RaptorStrike was officially announced on January 30, 2017.[1]


  • The RaptorStrike could serve as a successor to the Longstrike, due to similar blaster designs.
  • The version on the Australian market suffers from poor range performance, as there is a hole drilled in the plunger tube. This is likely due to toy safety laws. It also lacks the priming indicator of other versions, instead just having the indentation where it would normally be present. The reason for this is unknown.


The full image gallery for RaptorStrike may be viewed at RaptorStrike/Gallery.


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