The Rapid Fire Blaster Scooter is a Nerf-branded Flybar product that was released in 2019. Its blaster feature requires six "C" batteries to be operated.

It comes packaged with two six dart clips and twelve Elite Darts.


The Rapid Fire Blaster Scooter, as its name may suggest, is a three-wheeled kick scooter that has blaster functionality built into the handlebars.

The blaster portion is a battery-operated flywheel system, and also features the use of the clip system popularized by N-Strike blasters. It is fully integrated into the handlebars and cannot be removed. It features two barrels, with a clip well for each. A jam door is located on top of the blaster, and a firing button is located next to each handlebar.

It advertises a firing range of up to forty feet (twelve meters).

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  • The clips that come packaged with the Rapid Fire Blaster Scooter are unique in the fact that the capacity number and arrow are at the bottom of the clip instead of the top. The prototype model at the New York Toy Fair did not have this feature.[citation needed]
  • It has been noted that the six dart clips that are packaged with the Rapid Fire Blaster Scooter are lower quality than other six dart clips such as the N-Strike Elite six dart clip.[1]
  • It has compatibility issues and will generally only take the included clips despite being advertised to be able to use a standard Nerf clip due to them being manufactured by Flybar instead of Nerf .[citation needed]



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