The Rapid Fire AS-20 (originally named the Rapid Fire 20) is a selective fire air system Nerf blaster that was originally released in 2001 under the Airjet Power series.

It comes packaged with twenty Micro Darts.


It has a rotating turret that can hold twenty darts in a fully automatic succession. It also has a round switch on the side that allows the user to switch between a fast fire mode which fires all of its darts quickly and a slower, single-fire mode which uses less air but fires slower.

The Rapid Fire AS-20's biggest problems are when used too much or used for a while the O-ring in the pumping system quickly loosens up, so air will escape, which means pumping will become more difficult, because each pump will add air, then that air will be lost. Therefore, it is advisable for users to pump as quickly as possible.


The Rapid Fire AS-20 is considered by many to be the successor of the Wildfire. It is unknown when the Rapid Fire AS-20 was officially launched, however it was on shelves and had been for some time by August 2001.[3]

It was popular during its release; it was re-released in 2003 under the 2003 series and was believed to be discontinued after. However, in 2005, Hasbro re-released the Rapid Fire as a Toys "R" Us exclusive. In 2010, Target released it as an exclusive in the black and yellow N-Strike color scheme; it was also added back to the Nerf website during that year.

Color schemes

The Rapid Fire can be purchased with the following color schemes:

  • Rapid Fire 20 (red, black, and yellow)
  • Rapid Fire AS-20 (yellow, black, and orange)

Reloading and firing

To reload the Rapid Fire, load up to twenty darts into the each of the blaster's barrels. The blaster is then pumped and filled with air; about twenty pumps are needed for the blaster to fire at maximum power.

Pull the trigger to fire darts.

To use fast fire mode, turn the dial on the left side towards the front of the blaster. To use the slower mode, turn the dial away from the front of the blaster.


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