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A Qwikclip is a BOOMco. dart holding device.


Qwikclips are harmonica-style ammunition holders that hold Smart Stick Darts. On the bottom of every clip is an arrow pointing in the way that the clip should be loaded into a blaster. The side that is loaded into a blaster also has a groove in it. Unlike Nerf clips, Qwikclips aren't pushed all the way into blasters and are fed through as the blaster is fired and operated.


The first Qwikclips were released in 2014 along with the rest of the launch products for the BOOMco. series.

Qwikclip variations

These clips are compatible with all clip-fed BOOMco. blasters.

Name Year
8dartQwikclip Eight dart clip 2014
20dartclip-blue Twenty dart clip 2014
6dartQwikclip Six dart clip 2015
40dartQwikclip Forty dart clip 2015

Compatible blasters

The following are "Qwikclip System" compatible BOOMco. blasters:

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