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The Quickload Power Blaster is a Banzai blaster that was released in 2010. It requires three "AA" batteries to be operated.

It comes packaged with two clips and twenty Micro Darts.


The Quickload Power Blaster is a battery-operated, semi-automatic flywheel blaster. It is loaded through the use of clips, which can hold up to ten darts at a time. An integrated light above the muzzle of the blaster flashes when darts are fired.

It advertises a firing range of up to twenty-five feet (seven meters).

Official description


The Quickload Power Blaster was re-released as an Air Zone blaster. It was also re-released as the Moto Quickload Power Blaster, with a new color scheme and no changes to performance.

Color schemes

The Quickload Power Blaster has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Quickload Power Blaster (yellow, blue, black, gray, and orange)
  • Moto Quickload Power Blaster (green, blue, and orange)