The Quickfire 6 is an Air Zone blaster that was released in 2011.

It comes packaged with a six dart clip and six Quickfire Darts. Alternate packaging includes ten Quickfire Darts instead.


The Quickfire 6 is a clip-fed blaster, similar to the Quickfire 10. It is compatible with the clip packaged with the Quickfire 10. It features an iron sight in front of the priming slide.


The Quickfire 6 was re-released a number of times, most notably in 2012 as a Dart Zone blaster.

Color schemes

The Quickfire 6 has been released with the following color schemes:

Blaster sets

The Quickfire 6 was released in one blaster set for each brand it was released under. Both were twin packs: the Air Zone Quickfire 6 Twin Pack and the Dart Zone Quickfire Twin Pack.


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