The Quick Blast is a Hasbro Super Soaker that was released in 2008.


It is a piston-based water soaker that advertises a "powerful soak with every pump". It has an incredibly simple design due to using piston pressure.

It was released in a twin pack with the Sneak Attack.


It was originally released in 2008, but was re-released in 2010 under the Soaker Wars line. It was not continued into 2011's Nerf Super Soaker line and is assumed to be dropped from future plans.

The blaster became somewhat infamous after an advertisement of Kim Kardashian firing the Quick Blast the wrong way surfaced online.[1]

Color schemes

The Splash Fire has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Blue and green
  • Blue and cyan
  • Blue and orange
  • Red and green
  • Purple and blue
  • Nerf re-release (blue and silver)


QuickBlast2008 QuickBlastTwinPack2008 QuickBlastTwinPackSoakerWars
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