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The Quick 16 is a Nerf blaster that was released in 2011 under the Dart Tag series.

It comes packaged with sixteen Tagger Micro Whistler Darts.


The Quick 16 features an integrated sixteen dart clip, loaded from the left of the blaster. It has no tactical rail and, despite appearances, is not compatible with any existing N-Strike shoulder stocks. The blaster has a single strap point located on the end of its trigger grip.

This blaster's priming mechanism is located under the barrel and is able to slam fire at very high rates.


While some Sonic Micro Darts will work, Streamline Darts, Micro Darts, and Elite Darts will cause the blaster to frequently jam in the curved part of the clip. This is mainly because the retainer inside the internal clip is specifically designed for Tagger Darts whose heads are wider than their body.

If a dart is jammed, it is usually when loading a dart into the barrel. The back will usually get jammed between the door and the edge of the clip. This will damage the darts and sometimes the only way to get the dart out is to remove the part of the dart above the door, the part that is blocking the dart from loading properly.

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Modification to this blaster is slightly difficult due to the extra plastic on the blaster; this may have been done on purpose by Nerf and Hasbro to keep people from modifying blasters used in the Nerf Dart Tag League.


  • In the instruction manual, "slam fire" is referred to as "rapid fire". The box art also only advertises "rapid fire".
  • Some Nerf fans prefer to call the Quick 16 the "Banana Clip Blaster" due to its integrated clip resembling a banana clip. With the 2014 arrival of the Demolisher 2-In-1 and the 2015 arrival of the Modulus ECS-10, the Quick 16 is now no longer the only Nerf product fitting that description.
    • The Quick 16's clip curves in a different direction than the clip system banana clip.
  • It is the only 2011 Dart Tag blaster which was not re-released in 2012 with more powerful internals, meaning that it was most likely discontinued before the rest of the 2011 Dart Tag blasters.
  • Its priming grip and trigger grip are larger than the Raider CS-35's handles.
  • This, the Snapfire 8, and the Stinger are the only three modern Dart Tag blasters that were not released with a blue trigger.
  • The Quick 16 can technically hold up to seventeen rounds, if it has a full clip with an additional dart in the chamber, like the Speedload 6.


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