The Quadrant is a Nerf blaster that was released in fall of 2018 under the AccuStrike Series.[1]

It comes packaged with four AccuStrike Darts.


The Quadrant is a slide-action four dart revolver-style blaster. It features a tactical rail on top of the blaster. It features a single sling mount on the end of the handle. Its cylinder holds up to four darts, making it one of the lowest capacity conventional revolvers made by Nerf.

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The Quadrant was originally leaked in summer of 2017. It had a soft release in Malaysia sometime in 2017[2], and a later early release on Amazon.

The Quadrant will be re-released under the N-Strike Elite series in 2019.


  • The Quadrant is currently the cheapest AccuStrike blaster.
  • Prior to the Quadrant, all N-Strike Elite AccuStrike blasters featured the same grip.
  • The Quadrant is one of four AccuStrike blasters to not have a bottom tactical rail.
  • The Quadrant is extremely similar to the N-Strike Elite Scout MKII. Major differences include the orientation of the priming handle, the removal of the angled foregrip/handguard, direction of the tactical rail, and a lack of a front muzzle.
  • The rotation mechanism on the Quadrant is a part of its cylinder, unlike the traditional internally placed rotation mechanism. It is visible from the front of the blaster.


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