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Prime Time Toys (or Prime Time International as seen in their logo) is a toy company that began in 1990. They specialize in pool toys, water guns, and dart blasters.

Prime Time Toys owns the Dart Zone brand and releases products under the Adventure Force brand.


The Dart Zone and Adventure Force brands are known to re-release blasters under the opposite brand, occasionally with a name and color scheme change, possibly to entice people to purchase a "new blaster".

A number of Prime Time Toys' dart blasters have also been re-released under various other brands, including the Toys "R" Us Air Zone and Stats Blast brands.


Prime Time Toys' biggest hit was with the Splash Bomb, a soft foam ball that soaks up water that allows it to soak whatever it's thrown against.

It began its first dart blaster brand, Dart Zone, in 2010, with release of the Gatling Blaster. A later brand, Adventure Force, was released in 2016, as an exclusive to Walmart retail stores.

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