The Praxis is a Nerf blaster that was released on September 10, 2011, under the Vortex series.

It comes packaged with a shoulder stock, one ten disc magazine, and ten XLR Discs.


The Praxis is a long blaster similar to the Alpha Trooper CS-18 and Recon CS-6; like the former, it has an underhand pump-action loading system.

It features a tactical rail on top of the blaster above the magazine well. It also has an attachment point for detachable shoulder stocks, as well as a medium-sized hole behind the tactical rail and on the muzzle's iron sights where a strap can be attached. An unjamming switch sits high on the right side.

The Praxis is not compatible with the Retaliator shoulder stock.

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The Praxis was re-released in March of 2012 as the Light It Up Lumitron.

Color schemes

The Praxis has been released with the following color schemes:

Blaster sets

The Praxis was included in the Vigilon & Praxis Set, alongside the Vigilon, two ten disc magazines, and fifty-five XLR Discs.


  • It is the only Vortex blaster that comes with a detachable shoulder stock.
  • For some reason, the first generation of the Praxis seems to jam frequently when the user tries to fire quickly.[citation needed]
  • The release lever's location make it ergonomic for left-handed people instead of right-handed people.


The full image gallery for Praxis may be viewed at Praxis/Gallery.

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