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Power Moves is a series of Nerf Marvel blasters that was released in spring of 2020.


Power Moves blasters feature a gimmick where they will not fire without using a physical motion; this is where the series receives its name. With the exception of the Thor Hammer Strike blaster, all blasters under the series are meant to be mounted to and worn on the wrist.

Power Moves products


Name Year released
Power Moves BP.jpg Black Panther Panther Slash 2020
E8674 Black Widow Stinger Strike 0353.jpg Black Widow Stinger Strike 2020
Power Moves CA.jpg Captain America Shield Sling 2020
Power Moves CM.jpg Captain Marvel Photon Blast 2020
Power Moves IM.jpg Iron Man Repulsor Blast 2020
Power Moves SPM.jpg Spider-Man Web Blast 2020
Power Moves TH.jpg Thor Hammer Strike 2020