The Nerf Reactor, an example of a Popper blaster.

Popper nation s 5e term used for a blaster that uses a rubber ring at the front of the barrel to launch a projectile, usually a ball, out. Poppers use a tank of air, which is connected to a tube that hold the balls. The tube then presuurizes, and pushes the balls, popping a ball out. It is very similar to a HAMP.


Poppers generally use balls, and this is usually always the case.


Modification is very limited on poppers. It is usually limited to Singiling, or making it air pressurized. Other than that, no other mods can practically be done.


  • The popper mechanism is popular amongst budget blasters and game-oriented blasters.
  • No one knows how long poppers have been arround for, but its estimated they have been arround atleast 1999, with the Nerf Ball Blaster
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