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A Retaliator's plunger rod.

A plunger rod is an internal part found only in direct plunger blasters.


The plunger rod is used to help guide the plunger head through the plunger tube, as well as keeping the spring in place. In external mechanism blasters, such as the Nite Finder EX-3, it is also used as a priming handle. Some blasters, such as the SharpFire, don't use a plunger rod, even though they are direct plunger.

There are a handful of blasters use the plunger rod as a priming indicator. For example, most spring-powered blasters that feature detachable shoulder stock compatibilty, such as the Retaliator, feature a slot at the back of the stock attachment point's tube, which will display the back of the plunger rod when the blaster is primed.