The Pirates Flintlock is a Buzz Bee blaster that was released in 2007 under the Ruff Stuff Air Blasters series.

It comes packaged with five Micro Darts.


The Pirates Flintlock is one of the few realistic-looking blasters that Buzz Bee has produced under the Air Blasters/Air Warriors lines and not the Ruff Stuff Electronics line. It is a small, hammer-action single shot blaster with no other source of ammunition storage. Because it is hammer-action, the blaster can be dual-wielded, although reloading is difficult. The blaster itself bears a very strong resemblance to an old flintlock used by pirates.

The Pirates Flintlock has a notably poor performance. This is generally assumed to be due to more focus on appearance rather than performance.


The Pirates Flintlock was re-released under the Air Blasters line in 2008. With this re-release, the blaster was renamed the Pirate Blaster. It was re-released under the Air Warriors line in 2011; it was also carried over to the Air Zone brand with no changes to name or performance.

The blaster was released in a blaster set in Disney parks as the Flintlock Airblaster, as advertising for the film Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.

It was removed from Buzz Bee's website in 2012.

Color schemes

The Pirates Flintlock has been released with the following color schemes:

Reloading and firing

To reload the Pirates Flintlock, insert one dart into the front barrel of the blaster. The darts cannot fit all the way into the blaster and will protrude out somewhat. Press down the knob on the side of the blaster to prime it.

Pull the trigger to fire a dart.


  • The Pirates Flintlock, despite having the name change to Pirate Blaster, was instead advertised as the Pirate Pistol on Buzz Bee Toys' website.


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