The Pinpoint Sight Mission Kit is a Nerf Mission Kit that was released in 2008 under the N-Strike series.

It comes packaged with a pinpoint sight and ten Micro Darts.


The Pinpoint Sight Mission Kit was the only way to acquire a pinpoint sight in North America, as the N-Strike Elite re-release was never sold there.

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Alongside the Six Dart Clip Mission Kit, the Tactical Scope Mission Kit, and the Tactical Light Mission Kit, it was one of the first Mission Kits to be introduced.

The Pinpoint Sight Mission Kit did not receive the 2010 update that the remainder of the N-Strike line did, so it is assumed to be discontinued before or around that time. However, it was reintegrated in one of the newer N-Strike Modulus kits, though it is not clear whether or not it will ever be available again outside of that.

The Pinpoint Sight Mission Kit was not re-released when the pinpoint sight was given an N-Strike Elite limited edition re-release.


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