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Phantom Corps is a sub-series of Nerf RIVAL blasters that was released in spring of 2017.

Some products in this sub-series are exclusive to Target stores in the United States, Canadian Tire stores in Canada, and Smyth's stores in the UK.


The Phantom Corps sub-series features some re-releases of previous RIVAL blasters with a white color scheme and the Phantom Corps logo. Unlike most products of the RIVAL line, Phantom Corps blasters are not team-based; instead, they are advertised to be more of a "rogue" team against the other teams. The sub-series also feature some exclusive blasters that haven't been released to the main series line.


The Phantom Corps sub-series was first discovered in a list of product DPCI codes in May of 2017, and was released soon after. In summer of 2017, four blasters for the Phantom Corps sub-series were leaked[1]. Of the four, the Helios XVIII-700 and the Kronos XVIII-500 were the only two to have a name. However, a member of the Nerf subreddit found the names to the two other blasters on a distributor website: the Hades XVIII-6000 and the Prometheus MXVIII-20K.[2]

Phantom Corps products


Name Year released
Apollo Phantom.jpg Apollo XV-700 2017
HeraMXVII1200.jpg Hera MXVII-1200 2017
Hades.JPG Hades XVIII-6000 2018
Helios.png Helios XVIII-700 2018
Kronos.png Kronos XVIII-500 2018
Prometheus.jpg Prometheus MXVIII-20K 2018


Name Year released
FaceMask Phantom.jpg Face Mask 2017
Tactical blaster strap.jpg Tactical Blaster Strap 2017
TacticalPouch.jpg Tactical Pouch 2017
Phantom Corps bandana.jpg Team Bandana 2017


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