Perpetual Play Group is a toy company. They have a partnership with Hasbro to create third-party toys and products for brands such as Nerf, Super Soaker, My Little Pony, Transformers, and more.



Perpetual Play Group originally created storage products for Hasbro's toy brands. They have, however, branched out and also produced role-playing products that can be played with, such as melee weapons, shields, and more.

They released their own product in 2014: the "Toytainer", which acts as a container for storing toys.

International partners

Unlike Hasbro, the Perpetual Play Group has no subsidiaries in other countries. Therefore, international distribution of their products is handled by business partners in various countries. In Europe, their Nerf accessories are officially distributed in multilingual European packaging by the following companies:

  • United Kingdom: HTI (formerly Halsall Toys Europe, Ltd.)
  • France: Splash-Toys SAS
  • Germany: Jazwares GmbH

List of Perpetual Play Group products

N-Strike Elite

Name Year
Blastersleeve2 Blaster Sleeve 2013
DoorTransportPAK Door Storage-Transport P.A.K. 2013
Footlocker Foot Locker 2013
Mobile MissonPAK Mobile Mission P.A.K. 2013
RangePAK Range P.A.K. 2013
Target-cans-11 Target Can 2013
TargetPAK Target P.A.K. 2013
HipHolster Hip Holster 2014
RangePakHipHolster Range P.A.K. & Hip Holster 2014

Nerf Sports

Name Year
BigBangTennis Big Bang Tennis ?
DynamoDiscToss Dynamo Disc Toss ?
FlyingDiscChallenge Flying Disc Challenge ?
LightningScoopToss Lightning Scoop Toss ?
RingToss Ring Toss ?
SlingBlastChallenge Sling Blast Challenge ?


Name Year
Target-cans-24 Target Can 2013
Hip-holster-31 Hip Holster 2014
BackOfDoor Command Center ?
Messenger-bag-1 Messenger Bag ?
Purse-pouch-1 Purse Pouch ?

Super Soaker

Name Year
Assaultbunker Assault Bunker 2012
BattleShield Battle Shield 2012
Splashmat Pool Splash Mat 2012
ShowEnhanced('0','12737356') Rocket Dart 2012
Nerf-supersoaker-football-package Bash20 Ball ?

Zombie Strike

Name Year
Blastersleeve-ZStrike Blaster Sleeve 2013
ZStrikeStarterKit Starter Kit 2013
Target-cans-1 Target Can 2013
NerfZBombCollection Z-Bomb 2013
ZbombHolster Z-Bomb Holster 2013
Zombie Machete Zombie Machete 2013
Z-Bat Z-Bat 2014

Z.E.D. Squad

Name Year
2x4 2x4 2014
Chainsaw Chainsaw 2014
CrowbarHammerCombatKit Crowbar Combat Kit 2014
HammerKit Hammer Combat Kit 2014
Nzs-hipholster-4 Hip Holster 2014
WrenchAxe Z-Wrench Axe 2014


Name Year
Blowgun blaster Blowdart Blaster ?