Parker Brothers is a toy and game manufacturer and brand that was founded in 1883 by George S. Parker[1]. It is best known for creating board games such as Monopoly, Cluedo (Clue), Sorry! and Risk. It was the original creator of Nerf back in 1969 and was the original producer for all of Nerf's products, such as the Nerf Ball and the Super Nerf Ball.

It was bought out by General Mills in 1963 when George Parker passed away. In 1985, Parker Brothers was merged with Kenner Products, another company bought out by General Mills.

In 1991, Nerf products began to be officially produced under the Kenner brand, and not the Parker Brothers brand. This would be the first of several brand changes over Nerf's lifespan. The 1991 Parker Brothers catalog was the last to feature the Nerf brand; as the line swapped over to the Kenner brand, it would be noticeably absent in the 1992 catalog. With the line change also came the discontinuation of the first Nerf product, the Nerf Ball.


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