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The Over Under is a Total X-Stream Air blaster that was released in 2006.

It comes packaged with eight Stealth Darts.


The Over Under is a HAMP-style blaster with no trigger. It features two turrets, which auto-advance when the blaster is fired. The blaster has a unique ability where it can be held and fired both right side up and upside down.


The Over Under was re-released as an Air Zone blaster in 2013; this re-release sparked Lanard to sue Toys "R" Us for claiming the blaster as their own.[1]

It would later be re-released as the BallistX Blaster and Blackfire Cycle Shot.

Color schemes

The Over Under has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Gray. silver, orange, red, and yellow
  • Blue, green, and gray
  • Clear-X (clear plastic, orange, and green)

Blaster sets

The Over Under was packaged with the Ball Blaster & Over Under Combo Set, along with the Ball Blaster.