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The Over-The-Door Storage is a Nerf-branded Jazwares accessory that was released in spring of 2019.[1]


Similar to the Perpetual Play Group's Door Storage-Transport P.A.K., the Over-The-Door Storage is meant to be fitted on doors and can store blasters, clips, and darts. Unlike the Door Storage-Transport P.A.K., however, it was not designed to be collapsed into a bag for transport.

The accessory features six small pouches near the top and middle section for storing small blasters, small clips, or darts. Near the bottom, there are two straps for storing larger clips and blasters. Below the straps are two other pouches for storing smaller blasters such as the Firestrike.

The accessory also includes targets for target practice, both at the front and the back of the accessory.

Some versions of the Over-The-Door Storage have two lanyard hooks at the bottom for hanging blasters by their sling mounts. This version also has different mounting straps for attaching to doors.



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