The Optimus Prime Blaster is a promotional Hasbro blaster that was released in 2007 to help promote the film Transformers.

It comes packaged with three Micro Darts.


It holds two darts on top of the blaster via dart holders. It also features an integrated extendable barrel extension, as well as an integrated collapsible shoulder stock. The blaster operates on an overly-complicated gear system within the internals, which makes the blaster fire.


The Optimus Prime Blaster was a re-release of the 2003 Energon Blaster. It was re-released again in 2010 as the Iron Strike Blaster.

Reloading and firing

To reload the Optimus Prime Blaster, simply insert one dart into the front barrel of the blaster. Grip the blaster by its front handle and pull it backwards into the blaster until a loud click is heard. Return the handle to its original position.

Pull the trigger to fire a dart.