Not to be confused with 2017 Nitro series.

The Nitron is a Nerf disc blaster that was released on September 10, 2011, under the Vortex series. It is powered by six "C" batteries.

It comes packaged with one twenty disc magazine, a Centerfire Tech Electronic Scope, and twenty XLR Discs.


The Nitron is an electronic automatic blaster; it uses a flywheel system similar to the Barricade RV-10 and the Hail-Fire to fire discs. Unlike flywheel dart blasters however, the Nitron only uses a single flywheel to propel discs. Built into the front of the blaster is a foregrip, which is unmovable. On top of the blaster is a tactical rail, where the scope is normally placed. It can hold another disc magazine in its integrated shoulder stock. It is considered the flagship of the Vortex series.

It has some similarities to the Stampede ECS, with them both being fully automatic blasters with integrated stocks and both coming packaged with large magazines.

A Bonus Value Pack was released, containing a Nitron, two twenty disc magazines and forty XLR Discs.


To unjam the Nitron, the magazine must first be removed. Then the user must pull back on the disc eject switch on top of the blaster. The jammed disc will then fall out of the magazine well.

Reloading and firing

To reload the Nitron, press the magazine release button to remove any loaded magazines in the blaster. Load up to twenty XLR Discs into the provided twenty disc magazine, then load it into the blaster.

To fire, hold down the acceleration trigger and wait for the blaster to charge up. For maximum range, the user may wish to wait for the flywheel to spool up. Pull the firing trigger to fire a disc. Hold down the firing trigger to fire discs in automatic mode.


  • Several users have reported that the Nitron fires ten to fifteen degrees off to the right within twenty feet, but that over further distances the discs actually curve back. One explanation offered is that the inherent spinning nature which stabilizes the discs causes this disconcerting phenomenon. However, other XLR Disc blasters do not suffer from this degree of deviation. One might therefore theorize that there is a difference between manual and electric Vortex launchers.
  • According to a rumor, the Nitron was once meant to be released with an extra ten disc magazine, but inexplicably this package was never confirmed as released.
  • On February 29th, 2012 Nerf Mods & Reviews received a picture of a Nitron with a tactical rail shield by an unknown fan. [2] This version of the Nitron was never released. However, when compared to the Stampede, the model was practical enough to be produced.
  • The Nitron was the first Nerf blaster to feature an acceleration trigger.
  • The Nitron is the only blaster from the first Vortex lineup not to be redesigned or re-released with a different color scheme.
  • The Nitron is the first and only Vortex blaster to use batteries in the launching mechanism.


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