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Not to be confused with the Vortex Nitron.

Nitro is a series of Nerf products that was released in summer of 2017.


The Nitro series revolves around the use of Foam Cars shot at high speeds with the use of special blasters in order to perform stunts.


The Nitro series was first conceived of as a result of the growing popularity of "Nerf stunt videos" on YouTube.[1]

Nitro was first officially announced on January 24, 2017.[1]

Nitro products


Name Year
SmashShotBlue.jpg SmashShot 2019

Product sets

Name Year
NERF NITRO DUELFURY DEMOLITION Set.jpg DuelFury Demolition 2017
NERF NITRO FLASHFURY CHAOS Set.jpg FlashFury Chaos 2017
NERF NITRO LONGSHOT SMASH Set.jpg LongShot Smash 2017
NERF NITRO MOTOFURY RAPID RALLY Set.jpg MotoFury Rapid Rally 2017
Throttleshot Blitz.jpg ThrottleShot Blitz 2017
AeroFuryRampRage.JPG AeroFury Ramp Rage 2018
BarrelKnockout.jpg Barrel Knockout 2018
BarrelSlam.jpg BarrelSlam 2018
Nerf-nitro-double-action-stunt-foam-car-asst-wholesale-20823.jpg Bullseye Blast 2018
Nerf-nitro-doubleclutch-inferno-wholesale-22649.jpg Doubleclutch Inferno 2018
Unknown.jpg Double Action 2018
FlameFury.jpg FlameFury 2018
Nerf-nitro-double-action-stunt-foam-car-asst-wholesale-20825.jpg Slammin' Soar 2018
Slimestream.jpg Slimestream 2018
SparkSmash.jpg SparkSmash 2018
Nerf-nitro-speedloop-stunt-set-wholesale-20799.jpg Speedloop 2018
Zapblast.jpg Zapblast 2018
BlazeRingBox.jpg BlazeRing Jump 2019
FlameShotSet.jpg FlameShot 2019


Name Year
FoamCar 2.jpg Foam Car Refill 2017


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