The Nerfoop is a Nerf basketball set that was released in 1972.

It comes packaged with a strap-on basketball hoop and a small foam basketball.


The most interesting feature of the Nerfoop is that it can be hung almost anywhere. Common places the Nerfoop is hung are on walls and the backs of doors. Nerfoops also come with a mini basketball.

Official description


Upon its release alongside the Football, it was the fourth product ever released under the Nerf brand. It is one of the longest-lasting Nerf products, with more variations being produced and released every year.

Variations and color schemes

The Nerfoop has been released under the following variations and color schemes:


  • Aliens (black/green/orange)
  • Splatter (black/orange)
  • Wings (black/orange/white)
  • Flames (red/black)
  • Hangtime (blue/orange)
  • Retro (blue/orange/white)
  • Blueprint (blue/yellow)
  • City Court
  • Graffiti Subway (blue/yellow/red)


The Pro and Slam Nerfoops are larger versions of the Nerfoop. They are black and orange.


Main article: Classic Nerfoop

The Classic Nerfoop is a smaller version of the Nerfoop.

Nite Jam

Main article: Nite Jam Nerfoop

The Nite Jam Nerfoop has a light-up rim and basketball.

NBA 3-Point Shootout

Main article: NBA 3-Point Shootout

The NBA 3-Point Shootout Nerfoop comes packaged with three balls instead of one.