A group of Nerfers in Dart Tag attire.

The term Nerfer is a nickname for people who play with or collect Nerf products as a hobby. Nerfers also compete in Nerf wars and may have joined the Nerf Dart Tag League when it was organized.

The nickname was originally used in the 1990's and early 2000's.[1]


Nerfer (Noun) - A person who is passionate about Nerf blasters and play.


  • John loves Nerf. He and his team of Nerfers play at the park every Sunday.

Gender application

Typically, the term Nerfer is a unisex nickname; the nickname can be used for both male or female fans of Nerf. In recent years, however, with Hasbro's expansion on the female-oriented Nerf Rebelle line, certain terms for female Nerfers have come to light such as Nerfettes. These terms are widely considered to be unofficial, though, and are not accepted by the masses.

Modern usage

Just as the term "Nerf gun" has become a blanket term for foam blasters, in recent times, the term Nerfer has become a blanket term for one who enjoys playing with foam blasters. It may refer to anyone who falls under the category from all brands, no longer simply just Nerf. This could possibly be due to the acceptance of other brands in the Nerfing community.

Nerfer listing


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