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A Nerf war scene.

For a list of Nerf war game types, see Nerf war/Game variants.

Nerf war is the term for a battle between two or more players, individually or in teams. Teams usually have the same amount of players, but may sometimes be unequal to balance skill levels. Common places to have wars include backyards, playgrounds, indoors, and even wooded or urban areas.


Players establish rules before the game starts. Under basic rules, players can use any type of Nerf blaster. Typically, only blasters are allowed, but some groups allow melee weapons from the N-Force series. Punching, kicking, etc. is not allowed. Nerf blasters and other items can be hidden by a non-player before the game starts.

Players then decide how many hits a player can take before being declared "out" (often one). Rules for players that are tagged out often depend on the number of lives, one life means they are out until the next game. In team games, tagged players usually either return to base to "respawn" or must lie on the ground until a teammate "revives" them by tapping them with their hand.

However, players can establish other rules, such as limiting weapon choices, or allowing certain players to be more powerful than the rest. There are many more ways to customize Nerf wars, so just be sure all players know the rules before starting.

War classes

In larger, more organized Nerf wars, classifications may be used to denote various types of blasters and the associated rules.


Stock wars only allow stock blasters that have not been modified in any way. Generally, this only disallows blasters with modifications affecting their performance, and not aesthetic modifications like painting.

Super Stock

Super Stock wars, also known as SAMBO (Stock Ammo, Modification Blasters Only) wars, allow blasters that have been modified for performance. Users are limited to what ammunition they can use, however; as the SAMBO acronym suggests, only stock ammunition like standard Elite Darts are allowed. Homemade darts, such as Stefans, are not allowed.


NIC (Nerf Internet Community) wars are commonly played with very powerful modified or homemade blasters. They use homemade darts exclusively to help maintain blaster performance. Compared to other war types, NIC wars are less focused on strategic gameplay and a blaster's rate of fire, and more focused on having the best firing range and accuracy.