A Nerf rocket is a type of Nerf ammunition.


It was used only with the Air Launcher and is not compatible with any other blaster. It is softer and much smaller-looking than an average arrow or missile. It appears to be made of regular Nerf foam. It also has no separate parts, as everything is made of the same material, unlike most later forms of ammunition (with the exception of the Ballistic Ball and its derivatives).

The rocket only came in one color scheme; grey and orange. It is presumably made from the same foam as the Nerf Ball and Super Nerf Ball.


It was first used in 1976 with the Air Launcher, and was not seen again afterwards. It was the very first type of Nerf ammunition, coming before the Ballistic Ball.

The rocket's design came back though in 1990 with the introduction of the arrow, a very similar type of ammunition based off of the rocket. The arrow and the missile are the spiritual successors to the rocket.

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