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The following is a list of our policies, rules, and guidelines for user behavior.


Editors must be 13 or older to use the Nerf Wiki, as appliance with COPPA ruling. Those not of age are warrant to an immediate ban, with the length matching approximately the length of time before they turn 13.


Swearing, foul language, and slurs are not allowed on the wiki. Censoring these words with symbols to get around this rule is not allowed either. Please use alternate words or avoid swearing not at all.

Aggressive behavior including personal attacks and insults is not tolerated in the slightest. Targeted harassment and threats are similarly not tolerated. This includes racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, and more. Engaging in said behavior is immediate grounds to be reported and handed a warning.


A sockpuppet is an alternate account created to get around warnings or a ban. These types of accounts are not allowed, and are grounds for an immediate permanent ban.

If a user has more than one account, it is highly recommended to use only one on the Nerf Wiki. Switching accounts for other purposes is allowed, such as forgetting a password and whatnot, so long as the master account has not been banned. Warnings handed out will follow a user through multiple accounts, as well, so creating new accounts to avoid racking up warnings to a ban is not possible.

Warnings and bans

Each editor and user comes onto the Nerf Wiki with a clean slate. As they break rules, however, they will be handed out a warning from staff, providing details and information on the rule broken. An unofficial, soft warning may precede official ones, as a reminder to check rules and follow them, but will result in official ones if this is not listened to.

If a user reaches three warnings, they will begin to be given bans instead, with the length of them increasing the more times they are banned (three days for the first, a week for the second, and a full month for the third.) Upon a fourth ban, they will be permanently banned from editing on the wiki or speaking on the forums.

Some exceptions to this order include the uploading of explicit images, which will give the person who uploads it a permanent ban from the start. Users known to be under the age of 13 are similarly given an immediate block, with the length matching that of when they will approximately be of age. Sockpuppet accounts of users trying to evade an existing ban also will have an immediate permanent ban.

A full list of warnable and bannable offenses is as follows:

  • Aggressive/violent behavior
  • Being less than 13 years old
  • Continuous breaking of wiki and user policies
  • Explicit materials
  • Obstructing productivity
  • Sockpuppet abuse and ban evasion
  • Spam (gibberish, advertising, abusing notifications)
  • Vandalism