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Nerf Wiki

Who can participate here? The Nerf Wiki is enforced by COPPA ruling. Users must be 13 or older to register an account to contribute information or discuss topics on the forums. Users under the age of 13 will be provided with an account ban approximately until they turn 13.
What is this wiki about? The Nerf Wiki is a database and community surrounding Hasbro's popular Nerf brand of dart blasters, as well as the Nerfing hobby itself. The site contains information on the popular Nerf brand, as well as other dart blaster brands, Super Soakers, and reference on blaster modification.

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Is this topic reasonably considered family friendly? Yes
Parental advice The Nerf Wiki contains references on the topic of blaster modification, which can be unsafe to younger children; if done improperly, modification can break and render a blaster unusable. If your child wants to modify their blasters, discuss it with them and provide parental supervision/support if they are allowed to modify blasters.

Notably, the wiki does its best to avoid comparisons from real firearms to toy blasters. However, these are sometimes avoidable, and some articles may use terms associated with guns and weaponry. If you’re worried about the discrepancy between Nerf and firearms, discuss it with your children.

Age range 6+